Volume 1, Journal 1 - August 2006

Issue1, Volume1

Third GEF Assembly 2006
New CEO for GEF
What is the GEF? We investigate the ins and outs of this dynamic organisation.  
Hub for Postgraduate Programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies awarded to Stellenbosch University. 
KenGen plans to set up a 30-megawatt wind-power project at Kinangop, Nyandarua District, in Kenya at a cost of 3,7-billion Kenyan shillings.
Extracts from a paper presented by Douglas Banks (RAPS Consulting: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Jason Schäffler (Nano Energy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 
Because we carry editorial and advertising material that represents and reports on all forms of energy, we provide the broadest possible energy spectrum available on the African Continent, as well as having a distribution list that reaches people who are totally involved in these fields. 
Given the US Government’s almost cavalier approach to climate change, the Kyoto Protocol and similar pressing global issues, it is refreshing to note the following verbatim extract from a speech by Indiana senator Richard G Lugar – who is chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee – addressed to the UN Security Council recently. 
Addressing a public forum at the London School of Economics during the first week of July, former financier and now billionaire investor George Soros said that Rosneft, which is Russia’s state oil company, should not be allowed to trade publicly because the country might monopolise global energy supplies as a result.
In view of the ever-increasing oil price, always expressed as being so much per barrel, 25º in Africa thought it was a good idea to define exactly what is meant by ‘a barrel ’.
Contrary to the theory, oil production shows no sign of a peak, according to ExxonMobil.
The late Dr M King Hubbert, geophysicist, and authority on the estimation of energy resources and on the prediction of their patterns of discovery and depletion, was probably the best-known geophysicist in the world to the general public because of his startling prediction, first made public in 1949, that the fossil fuel era would be of very short duration. “Energy from Fossil Fuels” (Science)(February 4, 1949).
Most of the offshore operations that are crowding the Gulf were vulnerable to the impending Rita, 605 platforms and 87 rigs were evacuated ahead of the storm, with a production loss of 1,4-million bbl of oil and 170-billion litres of gas each day.
Peak Oil refers to Peak Oil Production, the point at which oil production will be at its highest and will quickly drop off leading to cataclysmic economic deterioration.
Expanding the use of nuclear power could play a big role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and help create a sustainable energy future, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said recently.
“The explosion at Chernobyl showed that we are capable of contaminating the planet for the long term, and of leaving a terrible legacy for future generations."
The Siemens Power Generation Group (PG) is acquiring 100% of shares in the joint stock company AG Kuehnle, Kopp & Kausch.
In the interests of faster economic growth, the Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism (DEAT) South Africa has imposed new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations to speed up decisions on proposed developments. 
The UN Secretary-General draws attention to energy security...
We explain our choice of the magazine's name.
In mid-July, Mozambique’s Minister of Energy, Salvador Namburete, announced that the government would launch a tender to find a new supplier of butane gas (LPG), in an attempt to overcome the severe shortage of this fuel that the country has been experiencing since May.
The latest African energy innovations...
Ceramicote™ is a thermal insulating coat that is applied onto the outside of a building, stopping heat or cold transfer to the substrate.
Always brimming over with new ideas, US-based Michael Jantzen’s latest is the Wind-Shaped Pavilion, which is a design proposal for a large fabric structure that can be used as a public or private pavilion.
A Spanish company claims to have developed a method of breeding plankton and turning these marine organisms into oil, thus providing a potentially inexhaustible source of clean fuel.
Siemens Power Generation (PG) has started work on the world’s largest modernisation project for instrumentation and control (I&C) systems at the Kriel coal-fired power plant.
As the largest carpet manufacturer in the USA, Shaw Industries recently welcomed Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to Shaw Plant 81 and the Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Plant during June.
According to the general manager of the Paraffin Association of South Africa (PASA), Glenn Truran, informal settlements in South Africa experience around 45 000 paraffin-related fires each year, resulting in about 3 000 deaths.
The Central Energy Fund (CEF) South Africa has recently signed a shareholders’ agreement to establish Johanna Solar Technology in conjunction with a German company, IFE, (which will become an equity partner in this new company) to commercialise the revolutionary CIGS solar photovoltaics technology (PV) developed by Professor Vivian Alberts from the department of physics at the University of Johannesburg.
The country with unrealized potential
The Meteorological Office in the UK (which is the country’s official weather forecaster) has recently conducted a study which concluded that the cost of producing electricity will increase concurrently with the increase in global warming levels in the future.
Radiation caused by aircraft contrails in busy flight corridors over Europe is exacerbated by night flights.
According to a statement made by the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat on 9 June 2006, the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism (CDM) is currently estimated to generate more than 1,1 billion tonnes of emission reductions by the end of 2012.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is to become a “carbon neutral” company by planting trees to offset the greenhouse gas emissions it is responsible for.
There is sufficient evidence from tree rings, boreholes, retreating glaciers, and other ‘proxies’ of past surface temperatures to say with a high level of confidence that the last few decades of the 20th century were warmer than any comparable period in the last 400 years.
The Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation and Emissions Trading are all fascinating ways of reaching lowered ghg emissions levels, whether voluntary of mandatory.
PricewaterhouseCoopers South Africa accredited by the United Nations
The industry has been identified as one of the key sectors under the government’s Asgi-SA growth strategy, because it has good potential for growth and job creation.  
Deulco offers a new approach bringing together business and risk capital to take on the huge challenges of our time. It is a story of the global environment, of a rejection of so-called “oil wars” in a failing era of fossil energy supply.  
Although experts that 25º in Africa has spoken to seem to be of the opinion that Jatropha Curcas L is not an invasive plant (whereas its sister plant Jatropha gossypifolia is), the Australian Department of Agriculture & Food issued a press release on 29 May 2006 stating that both plants ‘which have been heavily promoted on the Internet as source plants for biodiesel oil’ have been banned throughout Western Australia by the Agriculture Protection Board. 
Ghana’s view on the Jatropha debate...
It is widely proclaimed that Jatropha Curcas L (JCL) can produce in droughts, can reclaim deserts, doesn’t get diseases and is a prolific yielder. In addition, it is labelled as invasive and a weed. – Justin Vermaak, CEO Verus
Is Jatropha Curcas L (aka “Physic Nut”) everything it promises to be? 
We investigate evry aspect of this drought-resistant species hailed as a viable feedstock for biofuels.

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