Renewable Energy
Mainstream Renewable Power is one of the first companies that will add to the renewable energy mix in South Africa as the government gave the green light for three of their projects to be completed in 2014.
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 09:29

Helping to harness solar energy

The insulation used for the Gobi line of solar flat-plate collectors by Heliodyne of Richmond, California – which is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of solar collectors in the US – is provided by BASF’s Basotect melamine foam. The Gobi line is Heliodyne’s flagship product that has continuously been refined and developed for over 30 years.
Across Africa, countries are struggling to meet the increasing demand for electricity in energy sectors characterised by severe supply constraints. Uganda is no different in this respect. Despite its flagship 250MW Bujagali hydropower plant getting geared to produce power in early 2012, experts are already looking to cope with a post-Bujagali period of similar supply-side pressures. Uganda’s high profile 600MW Karuma hydropower plant that will also be constructed to boost their energy capacity is not expected to be operational until 2018/19. 
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 09:24

Dramatically cutting energy consumption in KZN

The Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA) announced recently that member Hudu has begun work on a photovoltaic installation that will dramatically cut the energy consumption of an office park in KwaZulu-Natal, and which comprises the largest photovoltaic installation to an office building to date in the province.
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 09:23

Assisting pupils to shine

A total of 500 pupils attending primary and secondary schools in Alexandra Township have been given the “power” to complete their homework and study after dark by office furniture and equipment supplier Ukhuni – thereby giving them the opportunity to “shine” at school.
Thea Holm, a director at SESSA member Omnibus Engineering, has been chosen as one of seven South Africans who will attend a six-month leadership training course in Germany later this year.
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 09:35

Is a renewable power revolution on the way?

Although Africa is endowed with fossil and renewable energy resources, which could more than adequately cover its energy needs, it remains the most poorly electrified continent in the world. The proportion of people without electricity in Africa is higher than anywhere else on the planet, with as little as 5% of the population having direct access to electricity in some countries.
Masdar PV and Raabvill Kft. are cooperating to build the first solar parks with full-size modules in Slovakia. A total of six projects with capacities of 1 MW each are already being constructed to supply renewable solar energy in Slovakia. Installation of the first three solar parks was completed in June. The remaining modules will be installed later in the Slovakian summer.
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 10:08

Sun shines on clinic in the Eastern Cape

The Sunwater for Life, initiative from the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA), shed some light onto the lack of sufficient supply of warm water at the Qunu Clinic in the Eastern Cape. The project provided two solar-water heating systems to the clinic to help free up funds the clinic needs to better serve 800 to a 1 000 people who require treatment every month.
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 10:06

CSP: Bigger isn’t necessarily better

A recent report from CSP Today, entitled “CSP Parabolic Trough Report: Costs and Performance”, challenges the conventional wisdom on scale and cost in order to identify the tipping point for concentrated solar power.

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