Energy Efficiency

The Southern African Association for Energy-Efficiency (SAEE) is one of 72 international chapters of the American Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). As a chapter of the AEE, the SAEE is committed to increase energy-efficiency, utilise innovative energy service options, enhance environmental management programmes, upgrade facility operations and improve equipment performance – while at the same time bolstering the bottom lines of organisations.

Osram has introduced many new and innovative lamps to the South African market throughout the years, including compact fluorescents, low-voltage halogen and metal-halide lamps. Over 70% of the company’s sales volume is already generated by energy-efficient products.

Samsung aims to change the way that Africa provides educations to its youth, as they designed a practical solution-driven mobile solar-powered classroom that will enable pupils and teachers to have access to technologies without the need for electricity.

Using energy meters as a tool to improve energy-efficiency will not only save a company costs, but also serves as a way to reduce carbon emissions. 25 Degrees in Africa puts the spotlight on the energy-metering industry to find out how it can be applied and used effectively.

Africa’s ability to attain energy security lies in the hands of political leadership, policy and its people. Energy security was the main focus of discussion during the African Presidential Roundtable, which was held in May 2012.

As South Africans struggle under increasing energy tariffs and fears over energy-supply security growth, the need for mines to become even more energy-efficient is crucial. Not only does energy-efficiency mean a reduction in energy costs, but becoming more efficient just makes good business sense. 25° in Africa investigates how mines can achieve this.

Aurecon was involved in the completion of the tallest eco-tower in the world. The design of the building raises the bar in the design and development of sustainable design approaches.

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 10:31

Innovative green solution now available

In this day and age it is essential to incorporate sustainable green technologies in a business as South Africa is striving to transform into a low-carbon economy. Industry is constantly looking for new innovative products that would satisfy their need to lower their carbon footprint. Bullion IT is a South African based company that meets the need for retail environmental products in the market.

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 10:30

Eco-friendly heat pumps on the market

Eco-friendly heat pumps are not only beneficial to the environment, but also result in huge cost savings for a company. Thermowise developed energy-solution driven heat pumps that also enable users to qualify for the various Eskom rebates.

Buildings are a long-term investment in a community as such as structure will be part of an environment for a long time. It is important to design buildings that would not feed on the resources of the community, but will contribute towards a sustainable future. Insulation plays an important role in achieving this goal.

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