Thursday, 19 March 2009 12:26

Standby power remains essential

Although our national power grid has largely stabilised since the crippling power cuts experienced during the first quarter of this year, full capacity is still not guaranteed.
Thursday, 19 March 2009 12:23

Saving electricity in the kitchen

Dishwasher energy consumption can be reduced by turning off the dishwasher after the final rinse and before the drying cycle. The clean dishes can then be wiped with a dry cloth.

Thursday, 19 March 2009 12:18

Efficient lighting save 24000kWh per day

Distributed by National Power in conjunction with EcoLight® — which can be retrofitted in just 30 seconds — can be used in conjunction with existing T8 and T12 fittings.
Thursday, 12 March 2009 15:38

Green electricity in Tswane

Mercedes-Benz is bent on improving the environment through purchasing electricity generated using renewable energy (RE) from the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.



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