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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 13:05

Country profile: Seychelles

The Seychelles, as an island country that is heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels, is especially vulnerable to threats of climate change. The country is currently exploring various renewable energy sources and recently passed a new Energy Bill to enforce sustainability of these projects.
A Nigerian environmental group claimed an oil spill from a pipeline operated by the Italian oil and gas company ENI badly polluted an area in the south of the Niger Delta region. The spill, which reportedly took place in September, allegedly polluted the swamps of the Ikeinghenbiri area of the Bayelsa state in the main oil-producing region.
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 09:03

Country profile: Nigeria

Nigeria is a developing country in Western Africa that has experienced periods of political and communal violence. It has the largest population on the continent and is inhabited by over 150-million people.
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 09:09

Country profile: Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea gained independence in 1968 after 190 years of Spanish rule. This small country, composed of a mainland portion plus five inhabited islands, is one of the smallest on the African continent.
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 09:39

Country profile: South Africa

In 1652 Dutch traders landed at the southern tip of modern-day South Africa. These traders established a stopover point on the spice route between the Netherlands and the Far East, and so the city of Cape Town was founded.
Friday, 10 June 2011 15:14

Country profile: Sudan

Since its independence from the UK in 1956, military regimes favouring Islamic-oriented governments have dominated national politics in Sudan. The country was embroiled in two prolonged civil wars during most of the remainder of the 20th century. These conflicts were rooted in northern economic, political and social domination of largely non-Muslim, non-Arab southern Sudanese.
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 11:59

Country profile: The Gambia

In 1965, The Gambia gained its independence from the United Kingdom. The country, which is geographically surrounded by Senegal, formed a short-lived federation of Senegambia between 1982 and 1989. In 1991 the two nations signed a friendship and cooperation treaty, but tensions have flared up intermittently since then.
Friday, 28 January 2011 12:43

Providing power to the masses of Swaziland

South Africa’s largest high-voltage construction company, CONCO (Consolidated Power Projects), completed a ZAR115-million power project in Swaziland in 2008. The refurbishment project included 12 different substation sites all over Swaziland, of which three were “greenfield” sites (which refers to an undeveloped site that is earmarked for industrial projects) and nine “brownfield” sites (older substations that needed to be refurbished).
Friday, 28 January 2011 12:41

Energy in Swaziland

Swaziland imports more than half of its energy requirements to fulfil the domestic and commercial needs of the country. The majority of this energy is sourced from fossil fuels, e.g. coal and petroleum.
Friday, 28 January 2011 12:37

Country profile: Swaziland

Subsistence agriculture occupies approximately 70% of the population in the small, landlocked economy of Swaziland. Sugar and wood pulp remain important foreign exchange earners.
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