The objective of Nigeria’s biofuel production programme is to establish a thriving ethanol fuel industry by utilising agricultural products. With vast areas of arable land and a suitable climate for the cultivation of various crops, Nigeria shows good potential for biofuel production. Accordingly, a number of incentives have been introduced to stimulate Nigeria’s biofuel industry.


But we also need to compare these options for other issues like water consumption, air pollution, and economic costs


The Government of South Africa has declared Jatropha to be an ‘invasive species’, and thus excluded it from any governmental support. Cultivation as a commercial crop is banned, yet South Africa regularly hosts biofuel conferences where the potential of Jatropha as an energy crop for Southern Africa features prominently. In the first instalment of this debate, 25º in Africa explores which of South Africa’s neighbouring countries are taking advantage of this potential energy crop.
Friday, 17 April 2009 11:51

The development of biofuels in Ghana

One of the main speakers at the Biofuel Market Africa conference held in Cape Town at the end of November last year was Christine Asser of the Ghanaian Energy Commission who gave a concise presentation on the development of biofuels in Ghana, reported on in this article.
Deulco spends a vast amount of time and resources to improve ways to propagate Jatropha seedlings, as well as finding new ways to improve seedling quality.
D1 Oils Africa (Pty) Ltd (D1) continues to enlarge its footprint on the continent with the obtaining of rights, and the plantation of Jatropha curcas in a space that totals 41 044 hectares of land in Swaziland, Zambia, Madagascar, Mali and Malawi.
Biofuels research has been strengthened at Stellenbosch University with the establishment of one new academic chair by SANERI, with a five-year appointment worth ZAR2-million per year.
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The big picture for biofuels

“Green energy is the only practical solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assuring energy security but there are major hurdles to overcome before biofuels can compete with fossil fuels on a global scale.”


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The debate over biofuels

Over the past few years, production of ethanol, biodiesel and other biofuels has expanded dramatically in response to increasing concerns about energy security and climate change.

D1 Oils Africa (D1) has formed a joint venture with Southern Alliance for the trading of agricultural commodities for the biofuels market.


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