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Monday, 10 May 2010 16:18

Premium solar products for sub-Saharan Africa

NASTEP Solar is a renewable energy organization pursuing sustainability in the Sub-Saharan Africa market through the marketing and distribution of premium solar products suitable for both domestic as well as commercial applications.

NAST Environmental Projects (Pty) Ltd (NASTEP Solar) was established during 2007 and subsequently secured the sole distribution rights of Himin Solar Energy Co. Ltd. Nastep Solar focuses on the supply of Solar Water Heaters (SWH’s) but distributes the full range of Himin solar products, comprising Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Heater collectors, Photovoltaic panels, energy saving glass, and a range of solar lights which include traffic, garden and streetlights.

Himin one of the largest producers of solar water heaters and vacuum tubes in the world. They produce in excess of one million SWH’s annually. Their annual production capacity equals 50% of the world’s annual solar production.

The company produces more than two million square metres of solar energy every year. The energy generated is equivalent to that of 20-million tons of coal per year, without the associated environmental pollution.

Locally, NASTEP Solar created regional franchises in order to ensure national access and support of their products. As far as Sub-Sahara Africa is concerned, Nastep currently has representation in Nigeria,
Namibia, and Malawi, and plan to ensure representation in all Sub-Saharan African countries.

The advantages of dealing with Nastep are;
• Access to their premium Himin brand of products;
• Wide range of solar water heaters, comprising of:
• High and low pressure integrated SWH’s,
• Pumped split system SWH’s,
• Thermo siphon split system SWH’s
• Unlimited supply availability from Himin;
• Five Year guarantee on all Himin products;
• National coverage of franchises with regards to sales and support;
• International accreditations of the Himin brand include ISO 9000:2001, DIN, TUV, as well as the sought   after European CE Mark;
• Local accreditations include the relevant SABS‘s SWH Conformity Report and Eskom accredited supplier status;
• Member of Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa (SESSA);
• A tailor-made in-house financial plan is available to finance the purchase of any Nastep SWH within 24   hours. Nastep’s short term vision includes;
• Establishing of a local manufacturing facility which Himin has already committed to;
• In-house training and accreditation in respect of Nastep installers;
• Expand the franchise network to other Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Tel: +27 8600 HIMIN
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