Friday, 17 July 2009 11:00

What is DSM?

DSM stands for Demand side management and deals with the art of managing the use of electricity. It is the comprehensive process in which the planning, implementation and monitoring of the consumer’s electricity use is measured against the levels of electricity which are made available to us. This process also includes the modification of the amount of electricity consumers are able to use.

The main objective is to keep the supply of electricity flowing smoothly so that it can be used at a constant rate- thus avoiding large-scale “peaks” and “dips”. This then minimises the amount of stress that the system is placed under. It also means that the flow of electricity is more effective. It also keeps the costs associated with running power low. Through the optimisation of electricity use, we can control the amount of electricity that needs to be generated. This means that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and the sustainable use of electricity is achieved.

Demand Side Management is crucial to promoting energy efficiency in South Africa, as it:
• Reduces the demand on the electricity network;
• Delays the need for additional power stations to be built to meet demand for power;
• Keeps electricity costs down;
• Creates opportunities for the introduction of funding and incentives for projects and products.
Source: www.eskomdsm.co.za

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