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Friday, 25 November 2016 13:33

Government delays nuclear plant plans as economy stagnates

South Africa delayed plans to build new nuclear power plants over concern about their cost and the waning demand for additional electricity as economic growth stalls.

Under a new timeline, the first nuclear power is expected to come on stream in 2037, with a total 20 385MW of nuclear energy added to the national grid by 2050, according to the “base case” scenario outlined in a presentation about the Department of Energy’s updated Integrated Resources Plan. The proposal also estimates an additional 37 400MW of power from wind, 17 600MW from solar plants, 35 292MW from gas and 15 000MW from coal by 2050.

The department, which has invited public comment on the proposals, also outlines two alternative scenarios that make different assumptions about costs, carbon emissions and the nation’s ability to generate additional renewable energy. One envisions 25 821MW of nuclear power added to the grid between 2026 and 2049, and the other sees the production of 5 436MW of new atomic power coming on line starting in 2037.

The energy plan will be refined in March next year and then submitted to Cabinet for final sign-off.

Source: Mail & Guardian

Link: http://mg.co.za/article/2016-11-22-sa-delays-nuclear-plant-plan-as-economy-stagnates

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