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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 12:12

Off the grid: George Airport runs entirely on solar power

The construction of George Airport, the country’s first “green” airport, has been completed. From its control towers to its escalators, its baggage carousels to its ATMs, the regional airport will run exclusively on power supplied by 2 000 solar panels, AFP reports.

The panels have the capacity to supply up to 750kW each day, nearly twice the required 400kW. Any excess energy will be transferred to the municipal power grid, with a running clock inside the airport tallying the number of households powered by the system.

George Airport’s decision to rely on solar power in a region with somewhat unpredictable weather may raise eyebrows. However, despite sporadic clouds, the airport says it manages to produce energy even on overcast days. More importantly, the airport considers itself an example for similar projects in the region.

“The thinking was if we put (the solar system) in the worst unpredictable weather, it will absolutely work in any other airport in the country,” George Airport’s maintenance director, Marclen Stallenberg, told AFP.

Source: Digital Trends

Link: http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/george-airport/#ixzz4MxGIbhgi