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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 13:12

Concentrated solar power with advanced steam turbines

Having set the African record of 161 hours for continuous operation at a load factor of 76% before an inclement weather interruption during its first month of operation, the Bokpoort concentrated solar plant (CSP) in the Northern Cape is a shining example of the immense potential of CSP technology as a renewable energy source.

Powered by a Siemens SST-700 two-casing steam turbine generator set, the multi-billion rand Bokpoort plant also boasts 9,3 hours of storage, thanks to molten salt storage facilities that act as a massive rechargeable battery. Bokpoort is among the most efficient solar plants in the world operating in this class of capacity and technology.

It has a total power generating capacity of 50MW net power output, and is equipped with the largest thermal storage size ever adopted for a parabolic trough plant. It is expected to yield more than 230GWh/year to support the national power grid.

Source: Engineering News  

Link: http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/driving-the-future-of-concentrated-solar-power-with-advanced-steam-turbines-2016-09-15/rep_id:4136

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