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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 08:51

UK to back South African energy sector

The United Kingdom (UK) government’s funding scheme for Southern Africa, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) programme, intends to assist in the South African energy sector’s development by seeking to create real, measurable outcomes through the provision of funds, a sum which will assist in boosting the South African energy sector.

The UK government has in its 2015 review budget announced a £1,3 billion ($168 billion) Prosperity Fund over the next five years to promote the economic reform and development needed for growth in partner countries.

In South Africa, the funding will be targeted at supporting eight renewable energy projects that will see the introduction of an innovative small-scale waste-to-energy technology and business model, working with the waste transformers. The project is meant to open the power generation market to small businesses, enabling them to operate small-scale waste-to-energy units on a commercial basis.

Meanwhile, through the FCO’s financial aid, a carbon trust integrating off-grid solutions will also be introduced to support South Africa’s rural electrification programme.

Source: ESI Africa  

Link: http://www.esi-africa.com/news/south-african-energy-sector/