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Monday, 25 April 2016 11:10

Shift in South Africa’s energy industry

The South African government is aiming to increase gas imports to meet the country’s growing energy needs.

A new 2 600km pipeline is planned to strengthen the supply of gas in the country. South Africa’s SacOil Holdings has announced an agreement with Mozambique’s national oil and gas company, Profin Consulting, and the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP) to construct a US$6bn natural-gas pipeline from the Rovuma Basin in Northern Mozambique to South Africa’s Gauteng Province, with offtakes to other neighbouring South African Development Community countries.

Efforts are also in place to identify and develop new domestic reserves. The government recently announced plans to add 3,1GW of gas-fired generation capacity by 2025, compared to a total of 1,35GW at present.

Efforts to commercialise the Ibhubesi gas field, located 105km off the coast of the Northern Cape Province, are also underway. Apart from this, exploration efforts are also progressing in Saldanha Bay, where 14 oil and gas exploration licences have been issued for blocks off the coast.

Source: Oil Review Africa

Link: http://www.oilreviewafrica.com/gas/gas/shift-in-south-africa-s-energy-industry