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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 11:12

Large-scale pumps to serve Gauteng water needs

KSB Pumpsand Valves is supplying eight ultra-efficient pump sets for Rand Water’s Palmiet Pumping station near Alberton to help boost potable water supply to the Gauteng region.

The large diameter pumps are to be installed in tandem on four pumping lines, each delivering 200Ml/day at a head of 206m. This is achieved with the use a four slow speed suction pumps to keep NPSH requirements down, these pump directly into the four booster pumps which boost the pressure to the required 20 bar. The pumps are driven by two motor sizes, 2080kw for the suction pumps and 4130Kw for the boosters.

Dale Croker, KSB Fluid Systems manager, says the pumps are large by any standards with a 800mm diameter suction, discharge diameter of 700mm and an impeller larger than one metre in diameter. Each of the eight pumps weighs 8.9 tons with individual sets (pump and motor) weighingup to 20 tons each.

High efficiencies

"These are among the largest split-case water pumps sold in South Africa in recent times and upon installation will go a long way to take pressure off the existing system. Despite the massive pumping power of the pump sets, the overall average efficiency of 92% exceeds the original quoted efficiencies by a considerable margin and will result in a significant saving of electricity consumption, considering current power shortages, this is a valuable benefit.

“When tested at our factory’s modern test facility in Halle Germany, the new pump sets surpassed the expected performance and reinforced the contractor’s decision to specify the KSB pumps. In addition to the high performance, our pumps were chosen due to the company’s high levels of customer service which has been proven over many decades of sales, support and service of pumps supplied to the water utility,” says Dale.

New projects

He expands that in addition to the Palmiet Pump Station, KSB is also in the process of supplying similar pumps for Rand Water’s Vereeniging Pump Station as well as for similar water projects throughout South Africa and the SADC region.

“We currently maintain many of the country's water pumps and have recently signed a contract to refurbish old KSB Pumps from a pump station where they were originally installed in the 1960s.

“This just goes to show that while our pumps are able to meet the highest specifications for output and efficiency, they are also able to last for many decades and ensure a constant supply of water to our economy and to households throughout the country,” concludes Dale.

KSB Pumps and Valves, Annett Kriel, Tel: (011) 876 5600, Fax: (011) 822 1746, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Web: www.ksbpumps.co.za

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