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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 15:06

Sustainably brewed

SurePure’s photo-purification technology demonstrates sustainable benefits to the brewing industry through its collaboration with SAB Miller.

SurePure recently announced that its South-African developed proprietary photo-purification technology has been utilised by the global brewing giant SAB Miller.

The photo-purification technology uses ultraviolet (UV) light instead of heat to prevent microbial spoilage.

According to Steve Miller, vice-president of sales and marketing at SurePure, the collaboration between SAB Miller and SurePure has yielded measurable energy, cost and throughput benefits via the application of the technology as an innovative alternative for the treatment of liquids in the brewing process.

SAB Miller’s West Rand-based Flavoured Alcoholic Beverage (FAB) Brewery brews eleven FAB products via an ambient brewing process facilitated by UV photo-purification – a world first. Research done on the process indicates that UV processing of FABs negates the requirements for pasteurisation or preservative addition.

Miller says: “The blue skies collaboration between SAB Miller and SurePure has resulted in the commercial production of a popular lager brand that incorporates UV technology in the brew-house process, yielding product results with double the shelf life of conventionally brewed beer. This is a world first for SAB Miller.”

Craig Groeneveld, master brewer and chartered scientist, states: “SurePure is a game-changer in brewing and can help to win the race for the reduction in energy and water costs, as well as improvement in quality and throughput. The global brewing implications are enormous if SurePure finds the resources to exploit them.”

Research on beer packaged in clear glass suggests that costly filtration processes can be superseded by the introduction of UV photo-purification.

“This is the first time in the history of brewing that this technology has been applied to the brewing process. SurePure’s technology significantly differs from the existing technology being used by SAB and utilises the world’s first UV-C photo-purification process that can be used on turbid liquids. It uses light instead of heat to purify beer and other brewed products, including finished products, something no other UV technology can accomplish,” concludes Miller.


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