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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 14:46

Recognising continuous energy innovation in SA

Recipients of the 2013 South African National Energy Association (SANEA) Energy Awards and the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI)/Record Renewable Energy Research Excellence (RERE) Awards were recently announced.

The South African National Energy Association (SANEA) and the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) announced the winners of the SANEA Energy Awards and the SANEDI/ RECORD Renewable Energy Research Excellence (RERE) Awards at a ceremony and banquet on 22 August. The prestigious event was hosted by Brian A Statham, Chairman of SANEA.

This gala event reflected the significance of both the awards and the recipients. In his keynote address, Statham paid tribute to the many men and women who are striving on a daily basis to ensure that South Africa enjoys a stable and secure energy future.

“SANEA’s vision of ‘Energy people working together’ is alive as we come together to congratulate the winners.” – Brian A Statham 

SANEDI chose to collaborate with SANEA in recognising South Africans and their achievements, specifically by promoting awards in the research and innovation sectors.   “It is important for all of us to stretch the boundaries. If South Africa is going to be recognised as a leading nation, we have to go beyond the range of normal expectations. Through exceptional performance we can demonstrate what is possible. We can set the standard for a new reality that will deliver the social and economic development necessary for South Africans to enjoy a great future. We have to do this every day, at work and at play.

“Those who are being recognised tonight have embarked on this journey. They have set the benchmark for a new reality. They are an inspiration to us all. We acknowledge and salute their efforts in the belief that their achievements will inspire others,” said Statham.   The SANEA Energy Project Award 2013 went to KayaGas (Pty) Ltd. The company has overcome many problems in getting clean, safe and affordably energy to the lowest income homes. Users are now able to source sufficient fuel for at least one month’s needs at a price significantly below that of the equivalent paraffin cost to cook.

Over 150 000 low-income homes in Cape Town now enjoy clean, safe fuel for cooking and heating at a lower cost than any alternative. This has also saved at least 40MW on peak electricity demand in the city.

The University of Johannesburg was highly commended in this category for its Solar Car Project.   The SANEA Energy Education Award 2013 was awarded to the Eskom WESSA Energy and Sustainability Programme. The Eskom WESSA Energy and Sustainability Programme (E&S) is a school-to-community energy education programme and has demonstrated, over 16 years, what can be achieved through sound corporate/non-government organisation (NGO) partnerships.  

The programme delivers at-school intervention of energy projects, and accredited environmental education courses which assist educators to become more confident with energy education in the classroom.   The SANEA Energy Journalism Award 2013 was awarded to Marlene van Rooyen, Editor of 25° Degrees in Africa, and Antonio Ruffini, Editor of ESI Africa.

During 2011 Antonio became the full-time editor of the ESI Africa Journal and its companion website, Under his direction and philosophy the journal has grown to cover the whole electricity supply chain from multiple energy sources to generation, transmission and distribution.  

Antonio’s focus on objectivity and consistency are features of his work, and are supported by his ongoing engagement in energy matters.   Marlene van Rooyen established 25º in Africa in August 2006. She has championed the dissemination of free information on energy-related issues not only in the print publication, but also through online media, the digital magazine and social media, bringing together key players in the energy and environmental fields, solution seekers and solution providers, the development and manufacturing of technologies, policy awareness and providing a platform for information on the funding of projects.  

Marlene is actively involved in connecting people, projects and funding in the energy arena, using her well-honed talent for recognising complementary solutions to bring people together in her network and identify opportunities for business cross-pollination for the betterment of the industry.  

The SANEA Special Recognition Award 2013 was presented to the Department of Energy as the representative of all those involved in making the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) the success it has been so far.  

The SANEA Service Award 2013 was presented to Carrol James of Sasol for her dedication. For the last six years, the continued smooth running of SANEA events hosted at Sasol is largely thanks to the input and support from Carrol, the key person to ensure that everything on the Sasol side has worked well.  

The SANEDI/RECORD RERE Young Researcher Award 2013 was presented to Johan Kotze, a PhD student at the University of Stellenbosch. Johan proposed a concept for concentrating solar power (CSP) that in part comes out of the next generation nuclear power technology. Johan took this proposal from a concept to a CSP system thermodynamic cycle and in the process has uncovered a number of solutions to existing pinch points in the central receiver power plant.

The SANEDI/RECORD RERE Commercial Application Award 2013 went to ChargeMaestro-SA. ChargeMaestro-SA is a pioneering company, focusing on delivering electric vehicle (EV) charging points solutions aimed at servicing numerous industries, from mining, retail, supply chain and security to homes.

ChargeMaestro-SA addresses the public’s concerns and reservations with EVs by providing a dynamic EV charging solution to the public needs in this specialist arena, and has vision, technical competence, strong leadership and a new approach to technology solutions (regarding open source, end-device visibility, management and customisation).  

They have strategically partnered with SANEDI as well as international leaders in EV charging technology advancement. They will be working with all automobile associations and transport associations in promoting the EV’s advantages.   Home-Grown Business Integrations was highly commended in this category.




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