Tuesday, 04 June 2013 10:52

Lighting for a greener earth

South Africa’s economic growth increasingly drives mass electrification programmes to power rural areas, which has an effect on the increasing demand for electricity.

South Africa’s economic growth increasingly focuses on industrialisation, which has seen a steep increase in the demand for electricity. In fact, South Africa’s energy demand is expected to be twice the current levels by 2030.

Years of underinvestment in the country’s power infrastructure resulted in energy demands rising faster than Eskom, the state-owned company in charge of the majority of energy generation and distribution, could meet them.

This has consequently led to the generation net reserve margin falling below 10%, which is well below the conventional industry benchmark of at least 15%. The net reserve margin is likely to remain low for the next few years, and to even diminish, in the absence of significant intervention to improve supply and reduce demand.

Eskom and the Department of Energy has embarked on a programme that aims to balance electricity supply and distribution systems in the country. With an original budget of R340 billion, Eskom is building new power stations, including Medupi in Limpopo that was supposed to make its first contribution to the grid by 2013, and Kusile, in mid-2014. Constant labour actions and other factors contributed to massive delays in construction and accompanying cost escalations. It is uncertain when these units will actually be in full operation.

There are currently limited short-term solutions that aim to improve supply, and thus demand-side activities are crucial in stabilising the situation and minimising the risk of disruptive load shedding.

In 2009, South Africa saw the birth of Afrison LED – a dedicated and innovative supplier of LED products to the South African (and broader African) market with a vision to become one of the top LED lighting suppliers in Southern Africa and to establish themselves as a major partner in the Southern African Energy-Efficiency Activities and Resource Conservation Programmes.

The company firmly believes that LED is the future of lighting – including commercial, industrial and residential lighting, but also regarding lights in the automotive, television and monitors, traffic control, outdoor and most other industries.

The long-term mission of the company is to provide affordable, long-life, LED lighting products to industrial, agricultural and commercial customers. Furthermore they want to create sustainable value for their customers through proven technology that is superior in energy-efficiency and quality of light.

Afrison LED currently services clients in all nine South African provinces and is involved in Eskom rebate projects in six of South Africa’s provinces.

LED technology and Afrison LED products have obvious advantages over older technologies:

•    Superior quality.
•    Eco-friendly.
•    Easy installation.
•    Warranty.
•    Zero UV-radiation.
•    50-90% lower electricity cost.
•    Long lifespan (30 000 to 80 000 hours).

Afrison LED
Tel: +27 12 664 5688
Website: www.afrison.co.za


Pakwells store LED installation through Eskom Standard Product Rebate programme