Wednesday, 27 March 2013 12:47

Tribute to Peet du Plooy

Peet du Plooy, sustainable growth programme manager at the non-governmental organisation TIPS, was recently killed in an attack at his home. Both colleagues and the industry in general shocked at the senselessness of his death and mourn his passing. Peet believed South Africa could be a better place for everyone and he worked for that.

The word most often used by people talking about Peet is “passion”. He had a larger-than -life personality and filled the room with his booming voice and laughter. His attention to detail was driven by his engineering background, which made him interested in the nuts and bolts needed to make sustainable development happen rather than only working at an abstract or policy level.

Among his passions was creating South African Sovereign Wealth Fund. He was also committed to understanding the need for long-term risk mitigation and the idea of carbon pricing as a common responsibility. At the drop of a hat, or the slightest whisper of interest, Peet would whip open his laptop and show you his latest projections on the costs and benefits of his latest carbon pricing scenario.

Last year Peet participated in a TradeMark Southern Africa’s Regional Integration event where he contributed on climate change and roads infrastructure. “We were struck by his knowledge on, and passion for, this vexing global issue and were looking forward to work with him,” they said.

Peet’s pet project and real love, however, remained the idea of mobility and connectivity as a way to improve the standard of education across South Africa. In his spare time – of which there was precious little – he continued to work on his proposal to build low-cost portable computers for school learners and educators and to create a financing and operational model to distribute them to every school in South Africa.
Peet was, and always will be part of TIPS. We loved the passion he brought to everything he did, the loyalty he demonstrated and his overwhelming sense of humour. He will be dearly and sorely missed by all at TIPS and is a loss to our country.

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