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Two rainbows for Katse trout

Website: Water tanks supplied by Rainbow Reservoirs have been installed at Katse Fish Farms’ new processing plant, currently nearing completion at Katse Dam, Lesotho.

Rainbow Reservoirs recently supplied water tanks to Katse Fish Farms’ new processing plant at Katse Dam, Lesotho. The two reservoirs, with capacities of 68 000 litres and 106 500 litres, will form a key part of the purification process for water discharged by the plant.

Katse Fish Farms, which was established in 2006 to capitalise on the excellent conditions for trout aquaculture offered by rivers feeding the dam, complies fully with an environmental impact assessment that lays down a strict environmental protocol, including daily water monitoring by the farm itself, and monthly quality sampling by the Free State University.

The region provides the only Southern African waters in which large volumes of trout can be farmed on a year-round basis. 

Employing locally recruited labour, Katse Fish Farms has progressed since inception to an annual trout harvest of some 300 tons. This yield is being increased to an eventual target of 1 200 tons.

Katse Trout begin their lives as disease-free eggs imported from the USA for hatching near Franschhoek. The fry are then transported by road to Katse for rearing, first in nursery cages where they become accustomed to the water, then in large floating net-pens where they stay for about a year before harvesting.

Purification of discharged water aligns not only with environmental obligation, but also with the farm’s practice of fallowing all its rearing sites. High water exchange ensures that any impact on the environment is minimal and that all aquaculture activity sites are maintained in a pristine state.

Katse Fish Farms chose Rainbow Reservoirs because of its product strength and longevity – Rainbow claims to have a tank that is stronger, more robust and longer lasting than these of its competitors.

The tanks for Katse are also backed by a ten-year warranty and a projected useful lifespan of 40 years or more.

Rainbow’s range complies with all generally accepted standards applicable to liquid storage reservoirs worldwide.

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