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Charting voltage, amperage and temperature variances

Website: Efficient systems to track voltage, amperage and temperature variances.

“Having worked in the air-conditioning industry in the south, northeast and now the mountain region, I have learnt that the ability to understand and compare critical data is imperative to correctly diagnose issues.” – Bob Axelson, STARZ Entertainment

The ability to chart voltage and amperage in conjunction with temperature is a much-needed tool in the air-conditioning industry. Voltage, amperage and temperature variances cause problems with a lot of gear – from delicate electronics to multi-ton air-conditioning equipment.

The Fluke wireless system

The Fluke wireless system is a single, central meter that receives wireless voltage, amperage and temperature readings from multiple sister meters placed in a variety of locations up to 20 meters away.

Being able to reliably track variations over a period of time can be the only way to properly diagnose operational problems.

A good example is Liebert CRAC control transformers, which provide multiple high-voltage taps from 460-495 volts to achieve the proper low-voltage output to convert to 5,0 volts DC to power their processor. If a person gets out of the needed 5,0 range, damage can occur, effecting the unit operation.

Having the ability to time, stamp and chart variances, gives people the ability to deal with the power provider, equipment vendor and customer with precise information.

This can be imperative when dealing with warranty issues and providing the proper solution to what can be a complicated issue.

Restarting the problem gear and attaching the wireless voltage modules to the incoming power legs, and the wireless amperage modules to the specific offending device, along with the wireless temperature module, allows a person to look out for issues without being at the site 24/7.

The ability to place the recording module separate from the other modules would allow someone to keep it safe and out of the weather. The results would be apparent and time-stamped, allowing for correct and proper diagnosis. This would allow a correct diagnosis and repair, saving time and money, and improve the technician’s reputation with the customer.

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