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Who is the Carbon Protocol of SA?

The Carbon Protocol of South Africa is hosting a platform for Programmes of Activities under the Kyoto Protocol.

The need for non-profit carbon-driven initiatives has grown significantly during the past few years, with the world realising the severe implications of climate change.

The Carbon Protocol of SA was launched in an attempt to make a difference in the shift towards a low-carbon economy. The Carbon Protocol is a section 21, not-for-profit organisation registered in April 2009. The Carbon Protocol was established as a collaboration of concerned and interested parties in South Africa to provide a platform to publicly report greenhouse gas emissions into a single registry which supports both the voluntary and mandatory reporting programmes. The Carbon Protocol also hosts a greenhouse gas assessor database, actively participates in the annual Climate Change Hero Awards (formerly known as the Climate Change Leadership Awards) and maintains the development of the Carbon Neutral logo.

The Carbon Neutral logo

The Carbon Protocol’s official Carbon Neutral logo is awarded to organisations that wish to support and raise the serious issue of carbon reduction. It can be awarded in two instances and aims to indicate which businesses and/or organisations have taken significant steps in quantifying and then reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, or businesses and/or organisations that offset their operational greenhouse gas emissions.

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. Offsets are then achieved through financial support of projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the short- or long-term. The Carbon Protocol of SA (CPSA) will review the emission reduction and offset projects to ensure they conform to and are verified against reputable international standards or guidelines for greenhouse gas emission quantification and reductions. 

The awarded logo can be used as a marketing tool in several ways, from corporate literature and corporate property (staff uniforms, mugs, mouse-mats, flags etc), to buildings (doors, floors, walls, corporate stands, tills, till receipts, literature), websites, advertising and on product packaging.

The Carbon Protocol of SA as an independent platform for Programmes of Activity (PoA)

The Carbon Protocol of SA acts as a platform for the hosting of Programmes of Activity (PoA) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. The role of the Carbon Protocol is to act as Coordinating/Managing Entity (CME) for the PoA. In this regard it will also act as a trustee and coordinator in the best interest of the underlying Component Project Activity (CPA).

The platform is structured to allow for the PoA to balance the interests of the role players in the PoA. These include carbon CPA owners, carbon buyers, technology suppliers or carbon consultants. This structure prevents possible conflict of interest between the different entities in the PoA. Each PoA is structured and managed independently from all other PoAs on this platform to ensure autonomy of the PoA.

Four of these PoAs began validation in May 2012, and can expect to be registered by December 2012. These programmes include solar PV, solar CSP, trigeneration and wind programmes. The documentation for the first project owners (Component Project Activity Ones – CPA1s) being part of each of these PoAs were developed by Promethium Carbon.

The Carbon Protocol of SA welcomes other carbon specialists to become involved and take ownership in the subsequent projects joining these PoAs once registered.

Commercial arrangement of the PoA

The costs involved in joining a PoA are less than those of developing an independent Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project. This is due to the fact that only the validation of the PoA, and its first project activity (CPA1), are validated and similar projects do not need not be validated again.

The finance of each PoA is controlled by the Management Committee of the PoA which consists of the Carbon Protocol of SA, the Carbon Specialist for the project, the CPA1 and other CPA’s. This Management Committee prepares a management plan and a budget on an annual basis. These documents form the basis on which the PoA is managed.

The project developer or sponsor of the first CPA earns a royalty from all carbon credit revenue as compensation for the costs and effort invested in the development of the PoA and is typically between 2% and 5% of the Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Climate Hero Awards (CHA)

The Climate Hero Awards (CHA) are the first awards in South Africa, and Africa, that recognize, reward, motivate and celebrate leaders and heroes in our businesses (small and large), communities, schools and cities that are taking the lead through positive voluntary action by implementing a range of activities to combat global warming. The CHA contribute significantly to inspiring and promoting awareness and action towards a low carbon economy, and thus a healthier society and a more sustainable planet. Now you can be rewarded for your efforts in saving our planet. For more information on how to become a climate hero, nominate a climate hero or become a partner, please visit the official website

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