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Finding engineered solutions for specific problems

Innovative and specialised services are central to what you find at RTS. This company is committed to finding customised engineered solutions to specific problems in the engineering sector and provides niche technologies that one would not normally find on the market.

Rand Technical Services (RTS) is a specialised company which is offering innovative technologies and solutions to industrial problems. Ian Fraser, the managing director, started the company in the early 1990s to provide and develop niche technologies for the engineering sector.

The company offers globally-sourced, quality products such as continuous belt weighers without load cells, laser-based gas detection devices for hot or corrosive areas and electrolysers for hydrogen production. Product delivery and technical consultation by highly-trained staff is offered throughout Southern Africa to a range of clients in industry sectors such as mining, glass, steel and energy.

According to Fraser, innovation and specialised services are central to their company’s success in the market. “We constantly search for new technologies that would cater for the specific needs of our clients,” he says. “On top of this, we are proud to deliver five-star service by advising our customers on available products and making sure that each customer’s needs are catered for.” He says that engineering a product to fulfil the requirements of a customer comes first. “We focus on the problem and find engineered solutions for it.”

Innovative products

RTS delivers and installs products such as state-of-the-art LaserGas analysers, which are suitable for a wide range of applications. These instruments offer non-intrusive stable analysis for all gas streams with particular reference to flue gasses and open-path measurements.

The company also specialises in providing hydrogen-specific monitoring solutions that are uniquely able to detect and measure hydrogen against virtually any background gasses, without false readings. “Our products include handheld portable leak-detection units, fixed area leak-detection monitors and in-line real-time monitors for various process gas streams.”

Case study

When Danfoss needed a dust-extraction system for the variable speed drives (VSD) destined for Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen mine, a semi-arid area, the company turned to Rand Technical Services (RTS) to provide a solution.

Fraser says VSDs are in principle very sophisticated pieces of engineered equipment which are able to electronically vary the speed of electric motors. Challenges arise because VSDs rely on semiconductors for operation that are renowned for generating heat. “VSDs are placed inside containerised or brick MCC rooms on mine sites in order to protect them from the environment. Due to the fact that ambient temperatures on site are generally very high, the inside of the container becomes a veritable hotbox,” says Fraser.

Fraser mentioned that after consultation with the Danfoss team, RTS was able to pinpoint some of the obstacles that needed to be overcome for this system to function properly. “The project required that we provide a maintenance-free system that would ensure low dust levels and a reliable flow of air at a rate specified by Danfoss’ engineers. In addition, each of the eight containerised units had a different layout, so we needed to design and engineer the spin filters to fit each specific application.” He says that in this specific case the containers were mounted on stilts, so the spin filters were placed on the underside of the container with different configurations to accommodate the various design requirements,” says Fraser.

“Our ability to adapt our product to the specified requirements of our customers is our major differentiator in an industry driven by boxed products. By working closely with customers, we are able to engineer solutions that provide them with the results they require,” Fraser concludes.

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