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Improved technology to reduce the environmental impact of oil operations in the Arctic

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In 2009, reported that the first-ever comprehensive assessment of Arctic oil and gas deposits revealed that 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its undiscovered natural gas could be trapped beneath the Arctic’s barren land and icy waters. Due to the harsh environment and remote location, however, oil and gas exploration had been limited to just a few areas off the coast of Russia, Norway (Barents Sea), Greenland and the United States.

While oil and gas exploration in the Arctic is increasing, companies need to deal with several risk elements, such as working in a country that’s dark for most of the year, minimal infrastructure, the cold climate and greater distances. Oil-spill preparedness, says DNV, who recently acquired Norwegian Petro Services (NPS), is one thing that needs to be recognised.

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NPS is a recognised leader in oil-spill preparedness, and DNV’s acquisition of the company will help them to contribute in reducing the environmental effects of oil operations in the area.

Reducing the likelihood of an accidental spill
Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, DNV’s COO of the Norway, Russia and Finland division, explains that the Arctic conditions will require improved technology and new knowledge to reduce the likelihood of an accidental oil spill.

“Both the industry and society focus heavily on reducing the environmental effects of operations in Arctic areas such as the Barents Sea. DNV wants to contribute to this and the acquisition of NPS is an important strategic move in that sense. We are now combining DNV’s environmental risk and oil-spill preparedness analyses with NPS’s specialist expertise in planning and organising oil-spill preparedness. This provides a complete service portfolio to our customers,” says Ørbeck-Nilssen.

DNV will now have a local organisation in the north of Norway, based in Harstad, to supplement its existing maritime activities in the area. NPS, which consists of five professionals, will provide operational expertise on how oil companies can plan and train for oil-spill preparedness. DNV will now be offering oil-spill preparedness advisory and verification services to the oil and gas industry.

NPS was established in 2006 by general manager Stein Thorbjørnsen. “We’ve found a niche in the coastal and shoreline preparedness sector and have specialist expertise in planning and organising preparedness in addition to strategy and technology development,” says Thorbjørnsen.

“Our group of experts has also developed methods for analysing needs and creating user-friendly operational emergency plans. These are used by many of the Norwegian and international oil and gas operators,” he explains.

Thorbjørnsen says that NPS and DNV can achieve a lot more together, including internationally, where DNV is established in 100 countries. “We also share the same values of quality, independence and expertise development,” concludes Thorbjørnsen.

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