25° in Africa and Water 360's readership reaches an extensive local and overseas target markets, including such frontline organisations as:
• Local and foreign government departments
• Municipalities and utilities
• Energy agencies
• Financial institutes and organisations
• Business organisations
• Agricultural organisations
• Development organisations
• Members of energy associations
• South African embassies overseas
• Foreign representation in South Africa
• Research organisations and tertiary institutions
• Professional and industry associations
• Industry project hosts
• Carbon brokers, exchangers, developers
• DNA and CDM promotion offices
• Risk managers, buyers
• Verification lawyers
• Engineers
• Mining houses


On a bi-monthly basis, the 25° in Africa and Water 360 magazine is distributed by mail to specific organisations and addressees, together with our subscription base, and it is available online free of charge. 5 000 printed copies of each issue will be distributed by post to specifically identified individuals. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we are redirecting our international post copies and providing the publication free of charge online.