The editor welcomes contributions and encourages items of interest to our readers in the energy sector. The mission of 25° in Africa magazine is to disseminate information on any and all energy related issues, with an emphasis on developments in Africa and the impact on the environment.

The focus of the publication is on energy generation, but carries related information to provide a broad, unbiased and independent view of all the pertinent issues.

We aim to bring together key players in the energy and environmental fields, both in terms of research, development and manufacture of technologies and funding of projects.

  • Articles of longer than 2,000 words should be negotiated with the Editor, also indicating what drawings, graphs, tables or photographs will be included. 25° in Africa reserves the right to run large articles or reports over more than one issue.
  • All advertisements and editorials are placed solely at the discretion of the editor and subject to prior approval.
  • 25° in Africa reserves the right to edit, withhold or alter any editorial material to complement the style of the publication.
  • Please indicate whether the material is exclusive to 25° in Africa, is a previously published work or has been sent to other news agencies.
  • The publisher will not accept responsibility for any material or contributions that are lost, damaged or incorrectly printed.
  • Editorials are to be aimed at our readership. Please bear them in mind when compiling your editorial.
  • The most forceful editorials are short and to the point, but we promote in-depth technical editorials, as we have found they are favoured by our readership.
  • Captions are a great way to capture the audience and explain the photograph / illustration. They provide a brief description for the reader.
  • In depth, technical case studies on recent projects are also favoured.
  • Highly technical reports with emphasis on practical implementation.
  • Media in Africa is a wholly independent publishing house. As such we are not affiliated to any association or and do not purport to be a mouthpiece for any such association or organisation.
  • Editorial space for advertisers is available at the sole discretion of the publisher.
  • Editorial is to be newsworthy, educational and up-to-date.
  • We do not print comparative editorials or carry comparative advertising.
  • Editorials do not carry logos. Company contact details (Maximum 2: i.e. Head Office and one branch) are permitted at the end of the editorial. Contact details include telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and website.
  • Photographs published in the editorials are charged for. View rate card for details.
  • Editorial layout will not be forwarded to clients for approval prior to publishing.
  • In the unlikely event of errors in editorial published – clients do not qualify for any discounts.
  • All editorials are to be approved by a relevant contact person in the organisation. Please supply details of such a person.
  • We do not accept responsibility for approved editorials published that contain mistakes.