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Promethium is the leading management consultancy in Southern Africa specialising in managing the effects of climate change on businesses.

We help our clients move into to a carbon-constrained environment by achieving energy and cost reductions, managing risks and identifying opportunities.

Promethium Carbon provides carbon-related services such as carbon footprints, carbon reduction strategies, assistance with GHG reporting programmes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and the development of carbon-reducing projects under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.

Promethium Energy develops low-carbon energy and cleaner energy projects. We build, own and operate on-site co-generation plant, HFO plant and wind power as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) for plant ranging from 10MWe to 100MWe.

Website: http://www.promethium.co.za

Physical Address : Ground Floor, Coral House, 20 Peter Place, Bryanston

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The name "Promethium"

Prometheus was a Titan in Greek mythology. Prometheus felt sorry for mankind when he saw them shivering in the cold and he decided to give them a great gift that was "a good servant and a bad master". He then stole fire from the hearth of the gods and gave it to men. The metal promethium does not exist on Earth and although its existence was predicted in the early 1900’s, the element was only synthesized in an experimental reactor in the 1960’s. Promethium is radioactive and the bulk of the known radio-isotopes decay over a very short period. The metal was named after Prometheus because of the fact that something was created which previously did not exist on the planet and the realisation that radioactive material, like fire, can be a good servant and a bad master.

We liked the story because of the obvious link between fire, energy and electricity. We also saw parallels between dirty energy (high CO2 emissions) being a good servant in that it makes civilised life possible but with a bad master component in the climate change knock-on effects. As such, we named the company after the element promethium. Today, we draw inspiration from the creation story and we hope to make a small contribution towards reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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Carbon strategy

Promethium is able to assist clients to develop a comprehensive carbon strategy.

Description: A carbon, or climate change, strategy provides the roadmap of what a company should do to survive the discontinuity introduced into the world economy by the shift to a global low-carbon economy.  A good carbon strategy will help a company thrive in the low carbon economy.

Promethium services

Promethium develops carbon strategies for clients. The carbon strategy of a company is influenced by the risks and opportunities to which the company is exposed.  These risks and opportunities include physical, regulatory, commercial and market risks resulting from climate change.

We develop the strategy for our clients taking this information into account, as seen in the context of other internal and external factors. Internal factors include management buy-in, employee perception and the current strategy.  In terms of the external factors, the tangible issues are the location of the organisations facilities, the climate, energy supply and regulations regarding climate change.  The softer issues are regulatory relationships, stakeholder perception and participation. Stakeholders include shareholders, suppliers, customers and communities.

After a period of time the strategy is then evaluated, assessed and adjusted as necessary. Promethium assists clients with all of these processes.

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Postal Address:
P O Box 131253, Bryanston, 2021

Contact Numbers:

Promethium Carbon: 0861 CARBON
Promethium: +27 11 463 6142
Fax: 011 706 1510
Robbie Louw : Director
Mobile: 082 557 8646
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Harmke Immink: Director
Mobile: 083 228 1781
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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