CENTRON Energy is a strategic and results driven Energy Company that specializes in providing energy and petroleum enhancing products.
CENTRON Energy has been established specifically with the idea of becoming a big player in the energy industry, and our competitive strength will be in the product we add to the end user.
CENTRON Energy supplies petroleum related products that reduces cost and emissions thereby becoming eco friendly. With the world recognizing the need to become GREEN, Centron offers a perfect and inexpensive solution. With high oil prices and world oil demand placing pressure on immediately available supplies, fuel saving is becoming a salient issue.
Our fuel enhancing products are one of the innovative ways to improve fuel efficiency in the national interest. The higher cost of oil products should encourage efficiency. One of the fundamental laws of economics is that higher prices should result in efforts to lower demand and increase supply.
We are a Black Economic Empowerment owned company with black control and leadership comprising of individuals with experience in the oil industry, Vehicle parts, Energy, Logisitics with professional backgrounds, namely Financial and Accounting Practice, PR & Marketing. We formed the company as we identified a niche in the energy, oil and fuel industry.
CENTRON Energy is dedicated to making informed, responsible, and creative product recommendations to all its customers that will create desired cost saving opportunities which in turn contributes to profitability.


Centron Energy

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