The Fossil Fuel Foundation was founded in 1994 at a time when South Africa was opening its doors to a new world and undergoing significant changes within. At that time issues related to the coal, carbon and energy world had little or no professional standing within the professional bodies of the day, and so it came about that this new organisation was formed whose mandate was to provide a forum to serve the multidisciplinary communities working in all aspects of the coal, carbon and energy worlds - from exploration through production to use and environmental consequence.
The Foundation is an impartial, independent non-profit organisation constituted as a formal Trust, with a Board of Trustees and both a Central and Regional Council. The organisation has expanded its activities over the years and, as a consequence, it is continually setting up more new and exciting missions.
By joining, members will be exposed to the latest developments in the energy and petrochemical worlds, and members’ voices will be heard in a collective and cohesive manner when issues of concern are raised at this vital time in this country’s national (and global) development.


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The Fossil Fuel Foundation of Africa

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