ENVIROLIGHT™ has become a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of energy efficient lighting throughout the world The ENVIROLIGHT™ is the light of choice when it comes to energy savings, durability and excellent light quality. Envirolight uses the latest state of the art technology to design its patented high impact reflectors that optimise light distribution and light quality. Through our manufacturing facility Lumotech (formerly Hella), the largest lighting manufacturer in Africa, we are able to offer an extremely efficient service worldwide at highly competitive prices. The product range currently includes energy efficient Public Street lighting, Warehouse lighting and Security Lighting. Our aim is to use our Advanced Reflector Technology to revolutionize street lighting in the world, providing vastly improved lighting with Less Power. No compromises are made on quality, durability and affordability thus enabling service providers to ensure safer more environmentally friendly Public areas with products that are fully guaranteed. Envirolight’s Minor road lighting, warehouse, security and our soon to be launched Main road lighting product ranges holds up to the most expensive, most durable, technically advanced lighting products in the industry today at a fraction of the cost.


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