Autumn Star Indoor Air Quality is a heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) with a unique Indoor Air Quality and Duct Cleaning service headquartered in Gauteng Pretoria.
Autumn Star Indoor Air Quality provides complete HVAC service, anywhere, anytime. While Autumn Star is young company with a wide variety of HVAC experience including indoor air quality and duct cleaning, with skilled artisans and hard workers to provide our customer with the best possible service and information.
Comfort is our business, and our vast portfolio includes HVAC work for virtually every type of building you encounter – from your neighborhood grocery, school, to your favorite museums, libraries and restaurants.
Our technical experts install and service HVAC systems to provide a better working and living environment, e.g.: hospitals, universities, schools, museums and many other. The advantages of working with international leader standards like National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) our size and scope far exceed what the industry has provided until now. By merging the talents of top HVAC-related firms from around the country, Autumn Star renders the widest range of technical expertise and service available. With its extensive work history, Autumn Star forms "centers of excellence" to guarantee success for any project, no matter what the size. If it involves heating, cooling, air quality or decontamination, call Autumn Star today.


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Autumn Star

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